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Is that you, Al Gore?

100% Pollution-Free & 100% Renewable
Hello. I’m Captain Ozone.
“You mean Al Gore?”
My answer to that contagious question is “Does Al Gore appear in television commercials disguised as a colorfully costumed eco-hero?”

At any rate, my name indeed is Captain Ozone and I am the illustrious caped-crusader for Environmental Media Northwest ( I’m writing in regards to the prevailing heightened awareness towards alternative fuels. Since 9-11, there has been a broader focus on domestic fuels that can potentially reduce our country’s dependency on the shaky Middle East for oil. We’ve all heard about the virtues of natural gas and bio-fuels, and most of us have heard that these alternative fuels produce less harmful emissions than fossil fuels, and that some are even pollution-free. It’s true that most of these fuels can be distilled from fermented vegetation and natural fibers grown on domestic soil, but nonetheless, are these alternatives truly environmentally friendly in comparison to gasoline or diesel?

Natural gas produces higher emissions of nitrogen oxides as well as another greenhouse gas—methane. Methanol produces formaldehyde, a suspected carcinogen. Natural gas, methanol, and ethanol all produce carbon dioxide (CO2)—known for being the major greenhouse gas contributor. None of these domestic, alternative fuels can be truly classified as zero-emission. Yet a large percent of our general public has been mislead to believe that some, or all of these fuels are absolutely pollution-free.

There is only one liquid-gaseous fuel that can be truly classified as zero-emission. Not only is this fuel 100% pollution-free—it's 100% renewable! It can be made from endless supplies of water—and when burned—turns back into water. The fuel is HYDROGEN, and it will never contribute to acid rain, ozone depletion, or global warming. To learn more about this champion fuel, go to the Hydrogen Directory at

I’m currently involved with Environmental Media Northwest in an international multi-media campaign to increase public awareness about the benefits of hydrogen fuel technologies. If you’re interested in joining forces with us in our righteous campaign, please get in touch with me via email at emnw (at)

Thank you,

Capt. Will Ozone



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