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Civil Liberties Action Alert: Oppose expansion of State, Local Police Power!

The Illinois General Assembly's veto session will continue on NOVEMBER 27, 28, AND 29TH! The ACLU-Illinois anticipates that Attorney General Jim Ryan’s proposed “anti-terrorism” legislation will be considered during these three days.
- ACTION ALERT! Oppose Unnecessary Expansion of State, Local Police Authority in Illinois!

Attorney General Jim Ryan has proposed a bill under the general heading of “anti-terrorism” containing several measures that pose serious threats to civil liberties!

Take Action! Send a free fax to your state senator and state representative by clicking here

- Background from the ACLU of Illinois

The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois stands united with all Americans in condemnation of the heinous acts of evil committed on September 11. We applaud the many Americans – including government officials at all levels – who responded to the tragedy with immense courage and personal sacrifice. We support reasonable initiatives to ensure the safety and security of our people.

We must respond to the tragic events of September 11 in a deliberate, thoughtful manner, providing legislators and the public the opportunity to fully analyze and debate all proposals. Significantly, the proposed Comprehensive Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001 (as amended on November 6) contains sweeping changes to our laws in 75 pages of text. This bill is far too complicated and far-reaching to be rushed through the fall veto session.

With these principles in mind, the ACLU of Illinois objects to several provisions of the proposed Act. First, the bill would create new crimes of terrorism that are defined too broadly, and could thereby lead to excessive punishment, including life imprisonment, of persons engaged in hazardous acts of political dissent – even where there is no actual harm to a person or intent to harm a person. Second, the bill would reduce the critical role played by neutral judicial officers in authorizing electronic surveillance. Third, the bill would needlessly expand the death penalty. Fourth, the bill would expand seizures and forfeitures of private property in violation of basic norms of due process.

For a detailed summary of civil liberties objections to the " Illinois' Comprehensive Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001", click here




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