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Celebrate Resistance! Celebrate Sabate!

January 5th through 6th come to Washington DC to celebrate anarchism and smash capitalism!
On January 5th 1960, revolutionary anarchist, Sabate was shot crossing back into Spain from France. In memory of him and countless others who would not give up the fight, who would not listen to 'now is not the time', who continued despite oppression and pain, we invite you to a festival and action in the spirit of anarchism in Washington DC!


January 5th 2002- starts off at 10am! A day of fun events including
Bookfair, movie showings ('Strike'- Eisenstien and some 'spanish' squatter videos), veggie/vegan eats, defense training classes, games! (such as Bash A Fash!), music, poetry and short story readings, and much more!

These events will take place at American University in the Ward Building.

January 6th 2002- day of action- ANTCAPITALIST SCAVANGER HUNT!
On sunday we will all conviene at 1pm in Rock Creek Park in between M and N streets and take part in an all day scavanger hunt. We suggest you bring materials that an anti-capitalist scavanger hunt might entail, such as chalk, paint, drums, maps, radios, flags, whatever you and your affinity group might think is needed for your day of events. A map of certain targets and the hidden items will be given to you at the start of the day. The idea behind this action is it will be something new and allow for autonomous groups to decide the level of action they want to take. The greater numbers we have the better, the more area we can cover, the more fun we can have, and the more prepared we will be to respond to the state's forces.
Capitalism is terrorism. The action on this day will celebrate the resistance and take direct action against the wheels of Capitalism. To continue the struggle against exploitation and oppression, we invite drum cores, marching bands, cheerleaders, vairous bands of affinity groups, and everyone who wants to take a stand against capitalism, against this new war, against the Taliban, against government control, to converge with us!

We do not want peace, until capitalism crumbles, until every being is free, there will be no peace!

If you are interested in tabling, please contact us, or for any more information please drop a line to tute_nere (at)
or Tute Nere Collective, PO Box 645, Riverdale MD, 20738

No war between Nations
No Peace Between Classes



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