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Liberate the SOA 31!

Urgent Request to stand in solidarity with the SOA 31
This a request for people all across the nation, from city to city, to stand in support of those who are fasting in Muskogee County Jail in Columbus, GA. I am asking all who are interested to visit the follwing site:

Here you will learn how to construct liberation birds, something quick and easy to display. It is my hope that enough people in as many cities will take part to fly these birds this weekend in solidarity with those who are on lock-down, providing that this goes into the weekend. These people, at least those who I had the pleasure of standing by during their blockade, are putting a lot on the line in defiance of the SOA. I know there are many peace
initiatives occuring around the globe, so I ask that these people be considered for their courage and supported in their quest for justice.

In Solidarity....M*



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