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Afghan Workers Solidarity Campaign launched

Labour Party Pakistan in close association with Afghan Labour Revolutionary Organization has decided to launch Afghan Workers Solidarity Campaign.
Afghan Workers Solidarity Campaign launched
Become part of the campaign and sponsor it today

Labour Party Pakistan in close association with Afghan Labour Revolutionary Organization has decided to launch Afghan Workers Solidarity Campaign.
The idea to start this campaign was discussed during the visit of Alan Macombs of Scottish Socialist Party. The SSP has already decided to actively support this campaign.

LPP and ALRO are appealing to all the international Progressive, Left and trade union movement to support this campaign.

The main aim of this campaign is to help the Afghan workers in their struggle to survive. It will bring material help for the Afghan workers which will be distributed inside Afghanistan and also in refugees camp in Pakistan. It will help to strengthen the progressive organizations of the
Afghan workers.
It will collect and bring every day life necessities to the Afghan workers on emergency basis.
The suppression by the religious fundamentalists of all the democratic and human rights in Afghanistan over the years has left the organization of the Left forces in absolute weak position. Many of them are spending their lives underground even in exile. Their families have been tortured and sentenced to death by the religious fundamentalist. But the so-called victory of the Imperialist forces leaves no better situation for the Afghan Left forces.
They still have to make a very difficult life to spread their ideas.

To help the Afghan Left and progressive forces in their struggle to survive and promote their organizations needs an active international support. LPP has been active in promoting the Afghan Left for some years. It has now a
plan to produce a monthly paper in Pushto language to help the afghan left and progressive forces in promotion of their ideas and strategy.
LPP has already started collecting cloths, medicine, blankets, shoes and other every day food items to be distributed among Afghan refugees camp through the ALRO and other afghan Left groups.

The LPP plan to send its first truck load of these items till 24th of November.

What you can do?

Sponsor the AWSC formally by paying the initial amount of $300 for the organizations and $100 FOR THE INDIVIDUALS.
Please help to build this campaign.

1- Collect every day items in your country and send the shipment to
Education Foundation
40 Abbot Road Lahore, Pakistan

Most of the second hand items like the blankets and cloths are available cheaply in Pakistan. If you like, send us the money and we can buy these items for you.

If you have time and money to travel, please come to Pakistan to help build this campaign. We need volunteers from Abroad to help this campaign.
Please contact us immediately for this.
Please send your donations to following bank account
Education Foundation Donation
Account number 01 7967128
Standard Charted Grindlays Bank, Gulberg Branch
Main Boulevard, Gulberg Lahore Pakistan
(This is US Dollars account)

Shoaib Bhatti
Organizer, Afghan Workers Solidarity Campaign, (Central Chairman Labour
Party Pakistan)
Email: labourparty (at)
Tel: 92 42 6315162, 6301685
Fax” 92 42 6303808

Sponsors so for:

Scottish Socialist Party, Scotland
Labour Party Pakistan
Women Workers Help Line Lahore Pakistan
Afghan Labour Revolutionary Organization
All Pakistan Para Madical Staff Federation
Pakistan Printing and Graphic Workers Union
All Pakistan Bhatta Mazdoor Federation
Pakistan Railway Workers Union (democratic group)
Itehad Workers Union Carpet Industries Pakistan

Note: Education Foundation is registered non-government organization set up
by the supporters of Labour Party Pakistan in 1993.



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