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SOA Update: Minute by Minute Updates from Atlanta IMC

Check out Atlanta IMC for minute by minute updates on the continuing SOA protests at Fort Benning
SOA Action Day 2001: Nov 19, 2001


5:15PM - Several people that planned to stay by the gates tonight are now in a standoff with Columbus Police. None of them have IDs. Police surrounded the group, then onlookers surrounded the police, causing the officials to back away from the group.

4:30PM - Hundreds of people are still occupying the front of the base. People are split between the Autonomous Zone in front of the line and a "die in" behind the line. There is still a strong contingency of peaceful protesters singing.

2:45PM - Jeff Winder, the National Director of the SOAW, climbed on top of the Ft Benning sign and welcomed the students and the black bloc to the "global village". He then went on to say that the voice of the SOAW has never been more diverse and strong. He also reminded people of their commitment to non-violence and spoke out against negative name-calling. However, Jeff Winder stressed that he loved the spirit and energy and said that he hoped that it would last throughout the day, the night, and "forever". After the speech protesters at the front started chanting "Ain't no power like the power of the people... " [story]

2:16PM - 15 crossed the line by going around the fence. They made a circle around a tree and sat down. MP's then broke up the circle and arrested them.

2:15PM - The Black Bloc is sitting in front of the fence drumming and chanting peacefully, keeping the energy high for people crossing the line.

2:09PM - Some people threw a washing machine over the fence. 1:56PM - Someone attempted to pull the fence down. The Black Bloc and the puppetistas pushed the puppets over the fence.

1:15PM - 18 people from the Christian Peacekeepers crossed the line with a basin and a flag. They then proceeded to wash the flag to "cleanse it of its sins". All 18 were arrested. [Story]

1:14PM - The Puppet Parade has begun marching down Ft. Benning Road, chanting and drumming has started as people call for the SOA to close.
1:00PM - 11 people from the Christian Peacekeepers crawled under a drainage ditch into the base. They were then laid face down and handcuffed and taken off to jail. Some were taken away peacefully and others were dragged to a police van.

12:00PM - 30 Protesters dressed in all black are doing a "die-in" inside the gates of Ft Benning. After a laying in front of the main gate, the protesters walked around the fence at the gate and crossed the line and then marched up the road 20-30 feet and then layed down. Military Police then arrested them. One has climbed up on the sign. [Story]

11:45AM - Hundreds of signs, weavings, and messages have been put up on the fence at the front entrance to Fort Benning. An "official" count of the protesters is 15,000. [Story]

10:54AM - Funeral Procession begins.

10:15AM - The calling of names of victims of SOA graduates begins

9:25AM - Morning ritual performed by Atlanta Buddhist monks, speakers continue to this minute

9:05AM - Funeral Procession starts with an estimated several thousand present an d marching towards the gates of Ft. Benning.

Stay tuned to Atlanta IMC for breaking updates and interviews.




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