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Protesters Create a "Global Village"

Protesters use found materials to illustrate an alternative to the realities created by SOA.
Anti-SOA protesters don't just carry a message against the terror and shame of SOA but also messages of an alternative: a peaceful, concscientious, global community.

To illustrate this notion, a "global village" was constructed from found materials directly in front of the Ft. Benning U.S. Army Post sign. This global village is home to many people all living in harmony with each other, and houses a school for peace, sustainable agriculture, and green space. Fair Trade, consensus decision making, and non-violence are just a few of the principles upheld here. A blue flag made from a trash bag hangs about 20 ft. over the village. Beautiful cardboard trees and flowers are scattered through the maze of stove parts, a mattress, a refrigerator, et cetera. Protesters dance through and around the village in celebration of an alternative vision for the future.



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