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Union workers rally to protest privatization at UIC

Uinon workers at UIC will gather to protest latest efforts by the University management to privatize union jobs on Wednesday, Dec. 6, at 4:30 PM, UIC College of Medicine. (corner of Polk and Wolcott) This action is sponsored by SEIU Local # 73.
- Labor Solidarity Action Alert -

Rally to Save Our Jobs!

The University of Illinois is using more than $5 million of public funds to create a so-called "private" corporation named WWT. WWT aims to eliminate the jobs of civil service workers in UIC's billing and collections departments, and replace them with employees who have no union representation or civil service rights.

Current UIC workers being interviewed for jobs with WWT are being intentionally deceived into believing that they won't lose any rights or benefits if they quit their jobs and work for WWT.

We must act now to stop this injustice.

Wednesday, Dec. 6th
4:30 pm
UIC College of Medicine
(Current location of WWT's office)
Corner of Polk & Wolcott



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