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1 Page Fact Sheet on NorthWest Airlines Racism and Sexual Harassment in Atlanta

Serious acts of harassment at Northwest Airlines. Please read and take the EEOC # with you.
EEOC did not do a single thing for me when I was harssed sexually and forced out of a $10.34 an hour job.
Still you all may have ways to stop this and fight non-violently for justice. This includes no shoot outs at the Chicago Merchandise Mart.

[I picked this up in October at a rally.]

1. Last year a hangman's noose was found in the machine shop. Management was informed of the incident. Nothing was done about it.

2. Rallies by whites in support of the Georgia State confederate flag [part of the state flag] were held in front of the Atlanta maintenance base. This created an intimidating and hostile atmosphere.

3. A white male manager entered the women's bathroom looking for a Black female worker.

4. An Asian manager told a female employee "if you want your payroll check you can get it." The check was inside the front of his pants.

5. In the past 10 years there have been only for Black female mechanics in Atlanta. 3 of them have been forced out of the city. Pressure is being put on the fourth. When she recently started on a new crew the manager told her, "We dont need any hot mamas on our crew."

6. In the last 40 years there has been only one Black manager in the engine shop.

7. Whites are given interviews for job upgrades many more times than Blacks. For instance when a Black or minority employee applies for an upgrade they are told you must have good attendance. When a white employee applies he or she gets the promotion regardless of attendance.

8.Many Blacks who do get promoted never make it past probation unlike whites. In the past 11 years in Atlanta, there have been only two cleaners who are black, allowed to upgrade to mechanic _and_ pass probation. During this same period dozens and dozens of whites have been upgraded from cleaning and allowed to go past probation.

9. There is a Northwest policy called "company select." This is up to the managers' discretion on who will get promoted from one classification to the next. There is _no written_ company policy on upgrades. Therefore a discriminatory policy is automatically created.

10. Northwest Airlines has an internal EEO [Equal Employment Office] department. However, this department has never ruled in favor of a Black employee when he or she has filed a complaint against the company.

As workers at Northwest Airlines we would like to get the facts of our case out to the public. We would like to speak at your civil rights group, your church organization, labor union, or school. We feel that justice can only be won in the court of public opinion. Please contact us at:
(770) 961-8545 (678) 432-2503

Above is all original copy, Progressive Southern Congress endorses this Fact Sheet. We call on air-travelers to avoid, boycott and organize aagainst NW airlines also to publish this leaflet and put it on planes on the back side of seats. There was a meeting at Big Bethel Church on Auburn Avenue 50 to 60 people were in attendance.
The Progressive Southern Congress is Democratic Socialist-Green-Fiscally Conservative
we are now working on the huge coal waste spill created by A.T.Massey Unit. 13 Counties in Northwestern Kentucky have been declared disaster areas due to 245 million gallons of coal waste. The residential and industrial water is affected in 6 very small cities, including some on the Ohio River.



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