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USDA holds Secret Monday Meeting (Nov.27) in Chicago with Industry Seed Groups,

Genetically Manipulated Organisms not approved for human foods appeared in a corn hybrid. USDA spokesperson Andy Solomon said "We don't know what happened, or how it happened."
From the Nov 24, 2000 edition of The Wall Street Journal page A-12.

"On Tuesday, Garst Seed Co. an Iowa based unit of European seed concern Advanta BV, said it found the protein in more corn lots than just the Starlink version, indicating the exposure may be wider than expected.
Regulators approved Starlink corn for animal feed and industrial uses but not for human consumption because of concerns it may cause allergic reactions in people.

The Starlink corn already has led to the recall of nearly 300 corn food products. The FDA, which has overseen the recall of food that contained the StarLink corn, said it was continuing to investigate the presence of the unapproved protein in consumer food products."

Thank you to the staff of The Wall Street Journal for writing, editing and printing this article. Hello to Iowa City and the Iowa International Writing Program with Hualing Engle of Taiwan and Rowena Torres of the Phillipines.



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