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Rally at CRUCIAL HEARING for Madison Hobley!

Rally for innocent death row victim of police torture and pack the court room for his final evidentiary hearing
Tuesday, November 20 at 8 am, Cook County Courthouse, 26th & California in Chicago
Madison Hobley is an innocent victim of police torture on Illinois' death
row. One of the Death Row Ten, victims of former Area II Violent Crimes
Commander Jon Burge - who was kicked off the force in 1993 for leading a
band of cops who tortured Black suspects on the South and West sides of
Chicago - Madison has been fighting to be free for nearly 15 years. His
struggle may soon become a victory.

Despite irregularities in evidence and testimonies, a purported yet missing
confession, a gas can that has been physically altered, and a signed
affidavit by Julie Harmon (Madison’s appointed public defender)
acknowledging she did not represent to the fullest of her abilities during
the trial, Madison Hobley is still incarcerated on death row and is
undergoing further evidentiary hearings. Right now, Madison is close to
winning his freedom. But it will take more than just good lawyers to win it
– it will take the activism of ordinary people to make sure his judge
listens to the truth. On Tuesday, November 20 at 8 am, Madison's supporters will
gather at the Cook County Courthouse on 26th & California in Chicago
to demand justice. Join this fight and make history.

For more information on how you can help free Madison Hobley, call the
Campaign to End the Death Penalty (773-955-4841) or his attorney



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