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Racist and fascist state backed up by the Zionised states and media

Racist and Fascist State backed up by the Zionised Regimes
Can you commiserate those people of Hebrew lineage- with a conscience living in countries like Australia, Asia, Europe, America and Africa: so that they can appreciate how Israel find it necessary to subject the indigenous Palestinians population within it's boarders and occupied territories- to the actions of the diabolical regime that they live under. The Laws of Entry, Citizenship Laws, The Laws of Acquisition of Absentee Property, The Laws of Requisition, Land rights, Education Policy, Right of Return, Water Policy, Expropriation Mechanisms, "Closures", "Road Blocks" and many more oppressive laws, regulations and policies of Zionist Israel- are examples of this. This is not fundamentally different to Hitler's Warsaw ghetto.

Zionisation of Media (IMC Excluded)
It must be the Zionised, not naive local media- that is continuously delivering Zionist Israel's subtle didactic- for what is undeniable genocide. Instead we get massacres and lesser massacres, clashes etc. etc., over a few decades as "justifiable homicide"! Further, we get the victims of all these, the Palestinians being framed as "terrorists"- for striking back?! To make it more palatable you media allude to "Islamic Terrorism"!

I wonder what is the last nail in the coffin of trustworthy reportage or have you reached a state of full blown Zionisation of the media already?



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