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Protest the Gas Company Monday Nov 19- Stop Shutoffs!

Protest at the gas company on Monday Nov 19 at 401 S State -- There are 12,000 families without power since being shut off, mostly for debts from last winter. We demand an end to shutoffs and affordable energy for everyone
Let there be Heat and Light!
For Everyone

Protest Monday Nov. 19 at People's Gas, 401 S. State St.
Buses leave at 10 a.m. from 643 W. 31st Street and 4521 S. State at 10 a.m.

While the president is talking about "homeland security," 12,000 families will be without heat or light this Thanksgiving because "Con-Ed" (or People's Gas) have shut them off. Many of these were shut off for owing less than $100. Many were seniors, disabled people and families with children. 99 percent were shut off because of debt from last winter. Why should a person on SSI who gets $531 a month pay the same rate as Mayor Daley, who makes $14,666 a month?
We are demanding that people eligible for LIHEAP (Low Income Heat and Energy Assistance Program) would pay only 5 % of their income for gas and electric service.
We are also demanding that all shutoffs stop.
We are demanding that People's Gas put up $3 million to match the city's $3 million for debt reduction.
And we are demanding an end to Bush's new racist LIHEAP policies, which could deny energy assistance to hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants.

Affordable Power to the People---- 773-254-3718



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