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Peaceful Protest Pays Off

GreenPeace True Food Network's year long peaceful protest against Trader Joe's use of genetically modified organisms pays off.
GreenPeace True Food Network's year long peaceful protest pays off as Trader Joe's CEO Dan Bane makes known publicly "...we will work with any new vendor to produce private label products for Trader Joe’s without genetically engineered ingredients." According to Heather Whitehead of the Greenpeace Genetic Engineering Campaign, "This announcement marks the first time a mainstream grocery chain has dropped genetically engineered ingredients in response to consumer demand..."

One of Trader Joe's main competitors, Whole Foods, "has already gone non-GE in its store brand products."

With 85% of it's merchandise being private label products, this will be a major change for the Trader Joe's grocery store chain which has not only yielded to organized protest, but has also responded to the needs of 9 out of 10 of its customers who prefer not to see products containing genetically modified organisms(GMOs) on store shelves.

Trader Joe's will also "develop a program of random testing to verify the certifications and on-going compliance of [its] vendors." Once implimented, the store chain will prove to its customers that it is dedicated to food safety.



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