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If You Understand Policy-Makers' Mind-set, You Can Better Do Mass Jiu-Jitsu

Here are two extremely crucial links, in my estimation, to understanding the *bigoted* mind-set of policy-makers (and those who own society). Both come from the trenchant institutional analysis of Noam Chomsky, in his book _NECESSARY ILLUSIONS: Thought Control In Democratic Societies_ which is available online in full!
This first section deals with more of the u.s. history of policy-maker ideology, starting with the Founding Fathers views, as researched by Joyce Appleby. The ideology is quite uncritically oriented to fooling we, the masses, and manipulating us against each other, as well as basically keeping us subordinated to their rule. Basically, we're allegedly all "too stupid" to be "capable" of understanding things....

(cops, soldiers too are viewed in this way, and are kept in line, and hyped up against the public--and critical thinkers--with a similar form of hype)***

The second part focuses more on 20th century figures who are viewed by those with ivy league-style educations in the areas of policy implementation:

As you become more familiar with the methods of those who wish to keep us under their thumbs, so to speak (probably due more to being stuck in rigid fear somehow), you may learn better what Saul Alynsky called "Mass Jiu-Jitsu"; basically, a crucial art method to disarm the heaviest side of a bigotry which keeps us *ALL* divided and conquered.

Note: my aim here is to promote getting BEYOND dichotomist trenches, like "us and them"(re: the ideological Left, Moderate, and Right-wings of belief) and to influence the creating of a society where ALL *individuals* are *valued*; only their behavior and mind-sets would be possibly under serious challenge--a challenge which understands the beautiful value of being able to meaningfully connect with others!

Other excellent demystifyers:
John Stockwell (***soldiers, cops, read about the former u.s. marine corps major, recipient of c.i.a.'s "Medal of Honor" and you may find some interesting insights)
Grace Llewellyn
John Trudell
Raoul Vaneigem
Joost van Steenis



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