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By Michael Angel


In the past couple of years there has been much information about the New Age movement. The New Age movement is extremely broad and includes many Indian, Buddhist, Chinese and Western sects and organisations that all share a similar belief that spirituality is a reality and that humans should develop their spiritual ability.

The New Age incorporates many groups. These include Sai Baba devotees, Transcendental Meditation followers, Rajneesh followers, Siddha Yoga followers, Maitreya devotees, Theosophy followers plus the many Buddhist, Chinese and other Hindu sects. In the West many people follow all of the above but may also call themselves Lightworkers and follow a process called Ascension, which is similar to enlightenment in the Buddhist and Hindu sense. The Ascension Movement in Western countries is now very big.

Many in the New Age say that Sri Satha Sai Baba, who has a following of tens of millions, is an Avatar. Sai Baba was born in 1926 in India and has attracted world wide attention for his ability to materialise objects, teleport (move from one location through the speed of light to another) and bi-locate (have two bodies). Many millions of his devotees have witnessed his miracles. Sai Baba is also called the Cosmic Christ and does not come from this planet. When he dies it is said that he will incarnate into another body called Prema Baba. As the Kalki Avatar he has three incarnations. Many famous people around the world follow Sai Baba including Michael Jackson, Yoko Ono, the now dead John Lennon plus many Left Wing Hollywood stars.

Another major figure is Maitreya who is said to be the returned Christ in London. Maitreya is said to be in physical body and came back through an occult process called Mayavarupi where he created a body between 1975 and 1977. Maitreya was the entity that overshadowed Jesus Christ. Maitreya is called the Planetary Christ whereas Sai Baba is called the Cosmic Christ. Maitreya is said to have a light quota of 120 per cent while Sai Baba is said to have a light quota of 130 per cent. Some top New Age leaders say that Maitreya is in fact not in a body but can just create a body any time he wants. And because Maitreya has not publicly declared himself speculation is rife. Benjamin Crème, a British artist who is said to have contact with Maitreya, has said that Maitreya wants the world to join together and share all resources and that Maitreya wants democratic open socialism practised on the planet.

Under the two Christs or Avatars on the planet are meant to be beings called Ascended Masters. The Christs and the Ascended Masters make up the spiritual government of the planet called the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is said that Sanat Kumara, another magnificent being, is called the Planetary Logos, or the ensoulment of the planet. It is also said that Buddha is to take over this role soon. The headquarters of the Spiritual Hierarchy is meant to be in the Gobi Desert in a place called Shamballa, which is located in super energy (Once energy is faster than the speed of light a new form of energy is produced called super energy. Both energy and super energy are produced by thought. This is further explained in this article). The Ascended Masters have all been humans at one stage of their development on Earth. They work closely under Maitreya and Sai Baba.

It is said that all of humanity has the ability to become an Ascended Master and this is what the Ascension Movement is all about. Breatharians are people who don’t eat food and are on the Ascension path. The Ascension path can be likened to gaining enlightenment in the Buddhist, Hindu and Chinese tradition. In the western tradition people can go through initiation stages to become an Ascended Master. Maitreya and Buddha are obviously Ascended Masters and Maitreya is referred to as the Master of Masters sometimes. It is also said that Buddha and Maitreya are esoteric brothers. The initiation process towards higher Ascension or enlightment can be gained through active and passive meditation, yoga, Chi Gung, martial arts, Tai Chi to many other regimes.



Many western groups within the New Age claim that humans did not evolve on Planet Earth. Many hundreds of books and magazine articles have been written about Earth’s true history. All of the books and magazines say the same thing. Most New Age leaders say that humans developed on another star system called Vega about 6 million years ago. They say that humans developed on a planet in this star system with the support of that planet’s Spiritual Hierarchy. About five million years ago humans started to explore the galaxy after attaining a high sentient level. After about a million years Galactic Humans had spread throughout the galaxy to many start systems and planets. It was around this time that these early Galactic Humans starting having wars with other non-human aliens called Reptoids. Around four million years ago Galactic Humans around and throughout the Galaxy formed an organisation called the Galactic Federation. The Galactic Federation became an organisation to join all galactic humans together and included non-human sentient beings as well. For example, some Reptoids are members of the Federation.

About two million years ago Galactic humans from the star system Sirius formed a colony on Earth called Hybornia. During this time they developed a fully sentient Galactic Human civilisation which lasted for 1 million years until roughly 1 million BC, or from 2 million BC to 1 million BC. Earth had previously been inhabited by Reptoids who came here more than 20 million years ago but had left more than eight million years ago. The Galactic Humans who formed the Earth colony called Hybornia eventually had a war with Reptoids about 1 million BC. Reptoids then controlled Earth for 80,000 years. Eventually the Galactic Federation came back about 900,000 BC and destroyed this Reptoid civilisation and Galactic Humans formed a new colony called Lemuria.

Lemuria became a fully sentient Galactic Human civilisation. Lemuria lasted for 900,000 years. During the time of Lemuria humans lived for 5000 years on average and had 12 strands of DNA. Atlantis was a colony of Lemuria that started being controlled by Sirian Galactic Humans who did not like the New Lemurian Earth humans competing with them. So they organised for the Atlantean humans to destroy Lemuria. Lemuria had been based over the Pacific Ocean but the entire civilisation was destroyed in a major war using a moon to sink the entire continent. Atlanteans then ruled Planet Earth. This happened in about 50,000BC. During this time renegade Galactic Humans from the Plaeideas started doing experiments on Atlantean people with the consent of Atlantean rulers. During this time from 50,000 BC to 25,000 BC Earth humans were genetically mutated to their current two strands of DNA. Around 20,000 BC Atlantis was destroyed in a major war that destroyed the atmosphere. This major war was referred to in the Bible and also the Indian classic the Bhagavad-Gita. It was during this time that humans started the Plaeidean concept of reincarnation because their life spans were radically shortened because of the mutation process. When Galactic Human life span reaches grand ages such as 5000 years the human can virtually choose their date of birth.

After the flood which came after this war the surface of earth was radically altered. Only a small population remained on the planet. The Spiritual Hierachy of Planet Earth allowed the remaining Earth humanity to develop the best they could despite the ravaged planet. Since that time the Spiritual Hierarchy sent forth evolved beings to guide humanity back on the path of spirituality and Ascensionhood. Christ, Buddha and Krishna were all sent by the Spiritual Hierarchy to guide humanity back along the path of spiritual development. The Spiritual Hierachy of Earth has waited for the correct time to accelerate its activities. Now is the time, it says, where all of humanity will be made aware of what is happening and our true history.


Once energy is faster than the speed of light a new form of energy is produced called super energy. Both energy and super energy are produced by thought - like Philosophical idealism such as Hegel, Berkley, Bradley, Shelling and most forms of Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. The world famous physicists Fritjof Capra and David Bohm have explained how Mind creates matter. The theory of super energy was discovered by a brilliant New Age British physicist called David Ash who is world famous in the New Age. This theory of physics explains many so-called paranormal events. Sai Baba in India has the ability to use super energy. In the realm of super energy spacecraft from other star systems travel. This is how they can come here. Otherwise to get from Star A to Star B would take too long.

It is most important to realise that super energy is a reality. Etheric matter is simply super energy - energy faster than the speed of light. And remember both super energy and energy is produced by thought. Super energy is thought faster than the speed of light and energy (E=mc squared) is simply thought slower than the speed of light. Superstring theory in quantum theory and many other new theories of physics supports the notion that thought or mind creates matter. Spaceships from other solar systems fly into a pocket of super energy. In super energy there is no space and time. The members of the spaceship simply think of which solar system portal they want to go to and they get there within seconds. Sai Baba uses super energy all the time to materialise objects and teleport to other locations. The theory of super energy is the key to the New Age and not only explains space travel from other stars but many other things such as angels, which also operate in super energy.

The theory of super energy also explains many alternative medical systems such as acupuncture, shaitsu, reiki, reflexology, acupressure, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Aruvedic Indian medicine, Naturopathy to many other therapies. For example, in acupuncture chi energy would be energy just faster than the speed of light. These in fact would be the meridian points. Even with the theories of physics not dealing with faster than light theories reality is explained as being produced by thought or consciousness. The world famous physicist Paul Davies has explained this in his books The Mind of God and The Matter Myth. It is most important to understand that Philosophical idealism is the notion which says that Mind or Consciousness creates reality and matter and everything around us. In philosophy the great war has been between the notion of materialism and idealism. Newtonian physics is based on materialism and has been totally disproved.

Generally over the past 50 years physicists have introduced the notion of Consciousness or Mind to describe energy. They say that energy is a result of Consciousness or Mind.

I have written widely about quantum theory and have studied quantum theory for nearly 20 years. I now believe that the only way that people can understand the latest developments in quantum theory is to go to the humanities based areas where the answers lie. Quantum theory has been saying now for nearly 50 years that Thought, Consciousness and Mind creates Matter. Many famous quantum physicists have been stating this for a long time.

And this is why there is such confusion around at the moment about quantum theory. The problem with Einstein is that he was far too left brained, far too deductive, or rather reductionist. Nevertheless Einstein was brilliant but he and some of the early quantum theorists relied far too much on mathematical formulas and equations. That is why so many people think that research into quantum theory involves maths and the like. Some quantum theory obviously does involve complex logic and maths but major philosophical theories now need to be taken very seriously.

If we turn to philosophy and literature there is a reoccurring theme throughout the past four centuries that thought or mind creates matter. The famous German idealist movement and the very famous Romantic movement based their entire view on the fact that reality is being produced by thought. If scientists and literary minded people can join forces now, major gains will be made in making people understand some of the more complex issues in quantum theory. The major problem had been that quantum theory scientists knew nothing of philosophy and literature and philosophers and literary writers knew nothing of quantum theory and science. All of this is changing and breaking down. The key to the future is the joining of the arts and sciences.

Of course many philosophers are very well studied in the area of science and quantum theory in particular and many philosophers now regard themselves as scientists more than philosophers, but this has been the reason why these philosophers have not advanced in understanding quantum theory. These philosophers themselves went far too reductionist and lost their humanities based understanding of nature and reality.

To me one of the most exciting theories in quantum theory and the study of atomic matter is that of faster than light theories. British scientist David Ash’s new theory of super energy is very exciting. Both super energy and energy are produced by thought or mind. So every bit of your reality, dear reader, is nothing but thought, or rather, light, manifesting through thought. The car you drive, the skin you scratch, the TV you look at, is nothing but thought vibrating at a different rate. This is the key to a humanities based science of wonder!

Super energy is also produced by thought and is simply thought faster than the speed of light. Philosophical Idealism is the philosophy that says that mind or thought creates matter. Shelling, the famous German philosopher, wrote widely about this. So did Hegel of course. Shelling’s version of Idealism is very similar to many recent quantum theorists. He more than any of the German Idealists said that Mind creates Matter.

The theory of super energy fully explains how spacecraft from other star systems come here. They simply fly into a pocket of super energy. They can go through the speed of light in their spacecraft because they know where the portals of super energy are. The occupants in the spacecraft know that thought is faster than the speed of light and that they can get to their destination in seconds – from one stellar system to another.

Sai Baba and most Ascended Masters have the ability to teleport through the speed of light. In the case of Sai Baba he can store objects in super energy and bring them back through the speed of light at will.


Top New Age leaders say that Reptoids had been based on our moon and have used psychotronic weapons on Earth for a long time and had caused most of the wars here during the 20th century. Psychotronic weapons have the ability to turn electro-magnetic frequencies into sound and can change the way humans think. The CIA use this technology widely on activists as do many other security organisations around the world. Thus, the genocide in Rwanda in the 1990s was caused through psychotronic weapons used by Reptoids on the moon. It is said that the Reptoids can shapeshift into human form but cannot shapeshift the pupils in their eyes which remain star-like. In their original form Reptoids look like lizards that can stand erect. The little Grey aliens who had been on Earth for many years worked for the Reptoids. Some people claim that the Leader of the Reptoids is Archangel Lucifer who has manifested in nine bodies on Earth including the Queen of England, Saddam Hussain to other bodies in Sydney and Canberra.

The Leader of the Galactic Federation is said to be Archangel Michael who is also meant to be embodied in humans on the planet, mainly females. Archangel Michael also channels important spiritual information through many humans on Planet earth. There are hundreds of spiritual channellers of Archangel Michael that are recognised for their authenticity. It is said that Galactic Federation forces destroyed the Reptoid base on the Moon recently. All in all there had been 6000 Reptoids on the moon. If you consider that the Vietnam War, World War Two and World War One was caused by psychotronic weapons, readers can understand how powerful this weaponry is. The United States has developed a huge base in Alaska called the H.A.A.R.P Base which can psychotronically pulse an entire city. However, this base has not been able to operate because American satellites which could activate the base are being shot out of the air by Galactic Federation ships.

Recently new developments have evolved and shown that a recent Galactic Federation member, the Sirians, have been working against Earth humans and our planet and have been expelled from the Federation. Top New Age spiritual channellers are saying that the recent situation in Afghanistan could have caused the total destruction of Earth had not the Creator intervened. Both Sirians and Reptoids have been involved with this. It seems likely that Sirians have increasingly come under the spell of Lucifer.

One New Age Sirian channeller Sheldon Nidle has been saying that the Galactic Federation ships would land yet other top leaders are now saying that Galactic Federation ships will NOT land and that Earth humans must now work together to sort out our problems. These problems of course include an out-of control capitalism, widespread poverty in both the First and Third world, nuclear weapons, the destruction of the environment, AIDS, and the constant wars that have been caused by psychotronic weaponry by the Reptoids. The Reptoid legacy continues on despite their base being destroyed.

There is no doubt that Galactic Federation ships are doing work around this planet and throughout the Solar system and they certainly destroyed the Reptoid base on the moon. But Ashtar Command has stressed that Galactic Federation ships WILL NOT intervene and land en masse as Sheldon Nidle and Sirian channellers are saying. Humans have to work out their own destiny. There is enough technology here already to stop all the major problems on the planet. So, again, we have had a situation where even Galactic Humans have been working against the planet. Sirians can live for 5000 years and look European. Plaideans look European and African and can live for 700 years. Arctureans look Oriental and can live for 30,000 years and are the most advanced humans in the galaxy. Many Andomedeans can live for 5000 years and look European and Oriental.

Recent top channellers are saying that the Sirians wanted to exercise more control over Earth and nearly created a similar situation to the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis on this planet. So there are many aspects now that have to be taken into consideration. This includes what the Reptoids are doing (who operate widely in Japan), what the now expelled Sirians are doing and what the genuine Galactic Federation is doing.

On planet Earth there are already possibly 5000 Galactic Federation members but many have incarnated here so they are also genuine Earth humans as well. This makes them dual citizens if you like. Many of the Sirians on Planet Earth are very upset at what their Sirian Government has down to Planet Earth. The Sirian star system has two planets which are inhabited by Galactic humans, called Sirius A and Sirius B. There is a third planet where non-human sentient beings live as well. However, the Galactic Humans on Sirius A and B still have major problems and like to dictate terms to Earth. Sirius A and B are still male dominated societies and have not developed to the high sentient state of other Galactic Human planets such as that of the Actureans.

Top New Age leaders say that the two Sirian planets have been shut down totally – entombed in lower dimensional matter to prevent them interfering in earth’s evolutionary process.

It is said that each Archangel has one trillion angels in super energy (energy faster than the speed of light). So readers can understand just how powerful these beings are. Spiritually channelled information of course comes through super energy.

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