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Al-Jazeera destoryed by US bombs

The missile also damaged the offices of The Associated Press and the British Broadcasting Corp. in Kabul.
U.S. government fires missiles at and destroys
Al-Jazeera TV, the CNN of the Arab world

Just as Northern Alliance forces entered Kabul and
rumors began circulating about summary executions and
other atrocities being committed by the U.S.-backed
Northern Alliance, the one television station that
would have been able to document these actions was
destroyed by U.S. missiles. Al-Jazeera television of
Qatar, the only media outlet which has had journalists
in Taliban-controlled areas of Afghanistan since the
U.S. bombiing campaign began, was hit by U.S. missiles
this morning.

Al-Jazeera, which was created with help from the BBC
and has become known as the CNN of the Arab world, has
been subjected to a campaign of villification in the
U.S. media since it reported statements by Osama bin
Laden and his associates. U.S. government officials
have alternately criticized Al-Jazeera and demanded to
be interviewed on it. Al-Jazeera has stood almost
alone among other television networks, especially in
recent days, in reporting extensive civilian
casualties from U.S. bombing in several parts of
Afghanistan. Al-Jazeera's 24-hour news coverage
reaches more than 35 million Arabic speaking people,
including 150,000 in the United States.

Was the bombing of Al-Jazeera an "accident" or was it
intentional? Al-Jazeera's extensive coverage in
Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere in South Asia and
the Middle East at least partially caused the U.S.
government to need to hire a public relations firm to
improve its image in the Arab world. Perhaps the P.R.
advisers suggested that the easiest way to win the
P.R. war would be to eliminate the truth-telling of
the Arab satellite news channel.

Speak out against this abominable attack on journalists,
free speech, and the human right to the free flow of
information (Article 19, Universal Declaration of Human


See the Reuters story on the attack on Al-Jazeera at

See Ali Abunimah's website, on which he transcribes in
English the daily news from Al-Jazeera, at and his opinion piece on Al-Jazeera

See Alternet's interview about Al-Jazeera with
Palestinian journalism professor Lamis Andoni at



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