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Psychiatric Survivors Liberation Movement event Nov. 27

Promo for a free event Nov. 27 celebrating 30 years of the psychiatric survivors liberation movement
[Check out the feature on Mad Lib in this week's Chicago Reader, back of section 1! And happy holidays, everyone!]

Chicago: Psychiatric Human Rights Free Event - Nov. 27
From: dendron (at) (David Oaks - Support Coalition)

Free event:

The International Psychiatric Survivors Movement:
Human Rights and Alternatives in the "Mental Health System"

Chicago, Illinois *** Monday, November 27, 2000


David Oaks, Director
Support Coalition International
from Eugene, Oregon

Katherine Anne Hodges, Founder
Mad Lib of Chicago Illinois

Celebrate 30 Years of the Psychiatric Survivors
Liberation Movement!

DAVID OAKS is a long time psychiatric survivor
activist, Green activist, director of Support Coalition
International, and editor of Dendron Newsjournal. Support
Coalition is a federation of nearly 100 groups that
oppose forced psychiatric treatment and promote
alternatives to the mental health system. David will
give a rapid overview of international psychiatric
rights activism, history and current campaigns.

KATHERINE ANNE HODGES founded the psychiatric
rights group Mad Lib, and will give an update about
psychiatric rights activism in the Chicago area.

We'll discuss how psychiatric oppression affects
everyone, what we can do about it, and the July 2001
protests of the globalization of corporate, coercive


Monday, November 27, 2000.

Doors open at 5:30 pm -- free refreshments and

6:00 pm -- speakers, with time for questions and


Access Living
310 So. Peoria, 2nd floor
Chicago, Illinois
(About a block from the Blue Line UIC-Halsted stop
or Halsted bus)

Contacts for more info:

Katherine of Mad Lib
ph: (773) 227-9374 e-mail: hoydenish (at)
Mad Lib PO Box 642222 Chicago IL 60601

Support Coalition International
454 Willamette St. Suite 216 PO Box 11284
Eugene OR 97440-3484
ph: 1-877-MAD-PRIDE office (at)

All are welcome to this free, wheelchair-accessible event.

Co-sponsored by Support Coalition International,
Mad Lib and Access Living.

[Please re-distribute this announcement
to all appropriate places
on and off the Internet, thanks. See you!]



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