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"Rule of law" issues (Ireland)

The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Articles 6.3.b and 6.3.c
... I wonder how many of the recipients of this e-mail would be happy about being charged with a criminal offence carrying a possible 18 month prison sentence in circumstances where they were being actively denied the services of a lawyer to prepare their defence? - particularly if the whole business appeared to be a slyly contrived and co-ordinated attempt to maliciously criminalise them (by corrupt means): because they were attempting to protect very important heritage sites from destruction and neglect (such as "Turoe / Knocknadala" & "Woodlawn House" for example), in the area where they lived, and, at the same time, trying to prevent the planned location of TWO huge rubbish dumps a mile or so from their homes - both of which appear to be the direct result of wholly anti-democratic, unconstitutional, and unlawful legislation; and, which President Mary McAleese, in her role as the "Guardian of the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland", has apparently signed her name to? ...

Full text of e-mail referred to above, to lawyer Ellen Weaver, can be seen at:

Backup copy at:

People VERSUS Public Servants:
Human Rights Law VERSUS Maladministration

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