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Does Your Blue Moon Spell Doom?

Wasting a lot space here, are we? Your Godless shcmucks are working overtime. They must love Bub a lot! They dump Anthrax on you? Not military weapons-grade? God forbid. Tell yo farmers the meat is good. Love those steaks! You lucky. They love you. Be stupid! They plan "urban renewal" a la WTC for your Sears Tower?
Bush Daddy Loves Chicago

by Bob 4:51pm Sun Nov 11 '01

address: nn phone: na na

You lost the Fool's Blue Moon? What happen? Are you all

ready to die for Bush Daddy? Are you feeling stupid

today? The devil is pleased with you. Say hi to the devil

for me.

The Fool's Blue Moon

by Bob 3:48pm Sun Nov 11 '01

address: nn phone: na na

You hide this to promote the Zionistic Pro-gay Cooprophagic agenda of those

Godless spawn of the Landers woman? Is your Sear Tower ready to fall down

like the WTC? Are you planning a tragedy, so we pity your stupidity? Tell me if

you know? They throw Anthrax at you? Not weapons-grade Anthrax? Drink wine,

feel fine. They love you be that stupid

My Daddy said that when I received three calenders that listed November 2001

as having two full moons; i.e. a blue moon; it had to be another one of the ruses

of Bush Daddy's tribe to change the set times and laws (Dan. 7:25). I remember

paying a visit to Norm Nash's Hooterville in September 1993 when the locals

were celebrating a "blue moon"; and it was the wildest partying that I have ever

seen. Then in July 1996 I went to the bar in Hooterville, and there was a pretty big

party going on. I asked them if they were celebrating the last blue moon of that

century. I informed them that the moon had become full at a few minutes to

midnight that night. They were apparently furious, for they butchered Sarah and

Jennifer that October, harassed me continually, and had me abducted and

unlawfully hospitalized for fifteen months in 1998. The apparent attempt to make

the "blue moon" happen in November this year arises from their love of making

November a pivotal time of the year. After all, they made the "Iron Curtain" fall in

November (Id=82678), didn't they? What they don't understand is that the full

moon occurs at different times around the globe. You can't say that the moon is

full by universal Greenwich time, for it happens at a different time at different

longitudes. For example, the alleged second full moon of November 2001 will

began in this country early in the morning on December 1st; and there will be two

full moons in December 2001. The alleged "blue moon" that the Hootervillites

were celebrating in September 1993 was not a "blue moon" either. Nevertheless

I'm sure that Manasseh or Benjamin will have charts on hand at the "Love

Festivals of Hooterville" Id=29190 to prevent Bush Daddy's tribe from missing

any cause for further celebrations.

There have also been signs that the "Education of Fools..." Id=79546 has

brought the professed intelligence of Bush Daddy's tribe into the light in other

ways. Have you ever considered that Bush Daddy's kid's name, "Dubya" is how

he says, "W"? Although the media portrays Bush Daddy's kid on front page every

day as a war hero, they can't seem to get him to wipe that "..#$%& Look.."

Id=70672 off his face. Then like the wife of the father, we also have the wife of the

son focusing on literacy, probably thinking that no one would suspect that the wife

of an illiterate would be an advocate of literacy. Neither one of these guys has

ever had to answer to anyone about their professed intelligence or delusions of

grandeur. They will abruptly brush off anyone who questions their intelligence,

motives, etc.. Lets get both of them before a congregation of Senators, judges,

or governors that they can't brush off. Bush Daddy has also been distressed that

the non-englishspeaking students of his tribe have been trapped by trying to

report incidents of assault or harassment. "Why can't this victim report this

himself?" "If he can't speak English, what's he doing at an english-speaking

school?" Hopefully the professors are realizing that it is not discrimination to be

exposing the lack of intelligence that imposters have falsely claimed to possess.

Frankly it was plain as day all along, for if you put a monkey in the middle of Bush

Daddy's tribe, the monkey will appear to be Einstein.

On other fronts it becomes plain that the lawless ones are working hard to keep

their iniquity afloat too. I have found that Ohio Valley IMC has become completely

inaccessible to me here, probably as a result of my referencing a comment by

"ML"; "Mocking Loon" of the Midwest that was posted after "Anthrax: An Ancient

Scourge" Id=1002. He had posted three links to PGW memorial pages with lists

of 300 soldiers who allegedly died in that war. I claim that there were no reported

deaths during that war, and wonder if the military acknowledges these as

casualties of war. As for my report on Anthrax, Id=82672, it is very likely that

every flu season in recent history has been the result of the broadcasting of

Anthrax spores. I wonder how the heck a flu shot can target any specific virus

unless that virus is also broadcasted with the Anthrax. In respect to the

extermination of AIDS patients with Anthrax, they have probably stopped that and

switched to getting rid of them with medications. I bet that the area of medical

research on AIDS has become about as disconcerted as that of the psychotropic

medications of psychiatry (Id=29650). I have found censorship of my articles

popping up on sites like Russia, Hamilton and Adelaide that have formerly listed

them on front page for extended periods. On Madison IMC I have found that the

interlopers have rejected the blanket censorship employed in places like

Chicago, Urbana-Champaign, Atlanta, and UK in favor of trying to create chaos

then blame the chaos on me. They would remove my articles from the listings,

then they would claim that they were listed when I reposted them. A universal

problem with IMC seems to be the posting of comments. It seems like a

comment never gets posted unless it is posted twice or a second comment is

posted immediately after the first. Otherwise the comments are apparently

deleted from the wire after a specific period of time. Note the following account of

what happened to one of my critical IMC postings last summer.

Yesterday I reposted "Report on Lawlessness" Id=85389 after I determined that

interlopers had mangled the only surviving copy of it on This article

was originally posted at Id=55818 and stolen from there. Then I succeeded in

getting it posted under the title, "Total Chaos" at Id=55844; but I discover that

they had deleted several hundred words from that posting, especially critical

information related to the asbestoes scenario. I was attempting to determine the

location of this information because there was asbestoes work being done on

campus at the building where they apparently "rubbed out" a woman who was

trying to get them to address the intentional contamination of the building

(Id=80050). This highly-respected woman was apparently a recently retired 30

year employee of the dean's office, temporarily rehired because of the number of

people getting sick from the air in the building. I explained to her in late summer

that the building had probably been intentionally contaminated by Secret Service

at graduation (see "Messiahs in the Making" Id=43985). I also explained the

symptoms of asbestoes exposure Ids=58159 & 60292 and what needed to be

done. While I was talking to her, there were janitors in the offices vacuuming up a

storm too, for part of their "Moronic Asbestoes Modus" Id=59038 was to open

the windows while vacuuming; and that would be the end of the problem. Now

there are cards and notices on the wall thanking the janitors for trying to clean

something up that couldn't be cleaned up and for ruining their health for trying.

This is a heavily contaminated building, for that SS agent probably dumped ten

pounds of the most toxic form of asbestoes that there is in that building. Since

SS probably used Janet Reno's presence on campus as their justification for

being there, this must be SS's idea of protection. In light of the lack of response

to my fifteen complaints addressing total lawlessness to the Justice Dept. and

two letters to her; why don't they just buy her a diaphragm for protection? At the

pool ignorance about asbestoes continues to prevail, especially due to the theft

of "Report on Lawlessness". Although I explained to them that these fibers can

be detected by the unaided eye, they apparently never checked it out. All they

had to do was put a sheet over the intake for the exhaust vent for a few minutes,

then take it and shake it close to a bright light with a dark background. You can

see the barbed twisted characteristics of these more hazardous fibers while

brake dust fibers would appear predominantly short and straight. People who are

exercising are inhaling this stuff right into their lungs via their mouths. If these

fibers become lodged in the lungs, they become a source of irritation,

inflamation, and eventually calcification. Once any portion of the lung becomes

calcified, it can never function again. These people just cannot understand the

long term consequences of inhaling asbestoes fibers at any point in life. The lies

of lawlessness have people believing the professed intelligence of very stupid


In respect to the lawless ones doing "...Something! Quick!" Id=62855 about

urban renewal and the crumbling World Trade Center Towers, there is a

sculpture, featuring the beams of that building that is due to tour the country soon.

Consider that those towers had to be the flimsiest structures to ever reach such

heights; and they probably should have collapsed before they were finished. The

towers were most likely due to be condemned; but the lawless ones preferred to

fabricate a tragedy out of it in order to collect on the insurance.

Since long before I wrote "Dead Men Laughing" in June 1998, Bush Daddy's

tribe has been well-aware that they were "dead men laughing" because they had

gotten "in line for their own deaths" (Prov. 11:19). They apparently devote

themselves full-time to duping people into doing Bush Daddy's bidding and

ushering the ignorant ones in "line" with them. This bogus "blue moon" is but

another of many foolish lies that this lawless tribe has foisted on the public as

irrefutable truth. Irrefutable lies that help usher more in "line". Although it may be

tempting to confirm Bush Daddy's contention that SS can be shot on sight or site

for using their stealth aircraft to dump Anthrax on the population everywhere

(stolen comment: Id=82672); we should probably keep in mind that God says that

those in "line" are supposed to seek death and not find it (Jer. 8:3). On the other

hand it might be worth seeing who shows up to claim the bodies. Oh well! In spite

of everything and anything, I say that December will probably be a better month

because our military will probably take at least until Christmas to discover that

throughout this whole thing the bin Laden dude has been over in that holy city by

that whitewashed wall (Ids=62855 & 64528).

To access via Id#s, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and

press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger





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