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Protesters March on CNN in Atlanta. 3 Arrests Reported

Atlanta, Ga: This afternoon 100 people marched from Woodruff park to the CNN building to call attention to the inaccuracies of the corporate owned media in providing coverage of the war in Afghanistan. 3 arrests have been reported Photos - S.Totonchi, IMC/Atlanta (article 1)
- Breaking news:

6:00pm - Bail has been set for those arrested. So far bail for Janx has been set for $5009 for a felony obstuction charge, a misdemeanor simple battery charge, and a misdemeanor mask ordinance violation. Matt is charged with a misdemeanor mask ordinance violation. George is currently being bonded out and was charged with a misdemeanor criminal trespass charge.

4:37pm - IMC journalist, Jamie, was not arrested, however was harassed for questioning why he needed to produce his ID. Three lawyers from the Southern Center for Human Rights have arrived at the jail.

4:02pm - At the Atlanta Jail, an IMC journalist was arrested for failing to provide identification. Witnesses report that one of the previous three arrestees was brutalized by the Atlanta Police before he was arrested, this after a peaceful and non-violent march. The current number of protesters in jail is 4.

2:33pm - So far three people have been arrested. One was for violation of a mask ordinance, and the other two for reasons unknown. The organizing group of the march requests calls to the Atlanta City Jail (404-865-8000)asking for the immediate release of Janx, Matthew, and George.

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