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Congressional Candidate Emmanuel Says WTC Bombing Was `Fault of U.S.'

Former White House Aid, Rahm Emmanuel, Now a Congressional Candidate in Chicago, Decries the War on Terrorism
Former Clinton White House Aide Rahm Emmanuel -- who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the Fifth Congressional District in Chicago -- today ridiculed the War on Terrorism as a farce. "America got what it deserved," said Emmanuel, who is seeking the seat presently held by Rep. Rod Blagojevich. "Those people deserved to die. They were capitalist pigs -- in the trough of excessive abundance that is Manhattan. The terrorists should be called liberators for their good deeds."
Emmanuel said the War on Terrorism was a farce, and that President Bush, as the "Capitalist-in-Chief," is only trying to avenge the economic losses caused to the U.S. economy by the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. "I just wish for once that hypocrite would tell the truth," said Emmanuel.




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