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Tues. 11/13: City Wide Meeting - Civil Liberties Update and Strategy Discussion

On Tuesday, Nov 13, at 7 PM, at HotHouse, 31 E. Balbo, there will be an important citywide convergence to discuss the latest attacks on civil liberties and the dangerous level of repression we face since 9/11-including the USA-Patriot Act, the proposed Ilinois "Comprehensive Anti-Terrorism Bill, local FBI-law enforcement efforts, the role of Tom Ridge and the Office of Homeland Security.
- This is one forum you cannot afford to miss.

We are facing a huge danger of repression of legitimate dissent, with new legislation both already signed and in the pipeline that will enable the government to listen in on phone conversations, spy on the internet, detain and deport non-citizens virtually on mere "suspicion" without any probable cause and judicial oversight, and persecute labor and community groups that disagree with government policy.

Update and Discussion with:

WILLIAM GOODMAN, LEGAL DIRECTOR of the CENTER FOR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS in NYC, speaking on international law aspects of 9-11 and its aftermath.

NANCY CHANG, SENIOR LITIGATION ATTORNEY for the CENTER FOR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, speaking on the attack on the rights of immigrants and the foreign born, and on the possible role of Tom Ridge and the Homeland Security Office.

JAMES FENNERTY, Chicago attorney who practices civil and constitutional rights at the federal bar, has worked on cases of repression and grand jury abuse, and is president of the Chicago Chapter of the National Lawyers' Guild, and

SARITA GUPTA, Executive Director of Chicago Jobs with Justice, who will comment on the relationship of the new turn toward repression to workers' and labor struggles.

Shirley Jahad of Chicago Public Radio will be the MC


For more information, please contact:
Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights
1325 S. WABASH, CHICAGO IL. 60605-2506
(312) 939-0675 FAX (312) 939-7867

Co-Sponsored by The Hothouse, The Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights and the Chicago Chapter of the National Lawyers' Guild.



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