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Planning for the InaugurAUCTION 2001 in DC begins!

A call to action is currently being circulated for counter-inaugural demonstrations and convergence in DC on January 20th. Help organize the InaugurAUCTION! Link to DC-IMC for more info.
- Planning for the InaugurAUCTION 2001 in DC begins -

by Chris Strohm 10:58pm Sat Nov 18 '00
Independent Media Center-Washington DC
phone: (202) 452-5936

Who wins and who loses when the presidential election goes to the highest bidders? Bush and Gore waged an all out war to ensure that their parties remain in control of the political system, but a growing movement of people and organizations has emerged to demand justice and accountability. A call to action has gone out to organize the InaugurAUCTION! in DC on Jan. 20, when the new president assumes office.

Coming off the heels of the most expensive presidential election in American history, a coalition of people and groups has started planning a day-long event when the new president is sworn into office this January. A call to action has been made to begin organizing for the InaugurAUCTION! 2001 on Jan. 20, which will consist of protests and celebrations as people demand political and economic justice.

Democrats and Republicans proved once again in the 2000 presidential elections that they will stop at nothing to buy the most powerful public office in the world. The two parties, led by Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush, set new records for raising and spending money in their voracious bid to control the political system and set the agenda of public debate.

The two parties also systematically teamed up to deny third parties a chance to have their voices heard, leaving voters with little choice but to select between the “lesser of two evils.”

But something happened on the way to the voting booth. A growing movement of people and organizations has emerged, questioning who wins and who loses when elections go to the highest bidders.

Gore and Bush waged a breakneck race to raise money and outspend each other, but little difference could be discerned between the two candidates and very little -- if any -- discussion was held on the most substantive issues of our day. Missing in the public debate was real discussion on diverse issues such as globalization, the death penalty, campaign finance reform, corporate accountability, trade policies, labor rights, human rights and AIDS -- just to name a handful.

On Jan. 20, the demands for social, political and economic justice will be brought to Washington, DC, during the InaugurAUCTION! 2001.

Organizers already have started planning for the event, and the next planning meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 27 at 8 p.m. in the George Washington Law School, Room LL-101. The building is located at the corner of 20th and H streets, across from the International Monetary Fund. A new website for the event,, will also be available soon.

For more information, call the DC-IMC at (202) 452-5936.



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