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PFLP Responds to US Move to Classify Resistance Groups as "Terrorists"

The following is a communique issued by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on the US decision to include the Front and other national liberation movements on the new State Dept. list of terrorist organizations.
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Press Release
3 November 2001

Ramallah: Within the context of the decision of the United States of America to add the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, and the Hizb Allah Organization in Lebanon to the list of terrorist organizations, and its decision to treat them the same way that it treats the Qa`idah Organization, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine declares clearly that these organizations are national liberation movements. They resist occupation and therefore are not terrorist organizations. They are organizations, indeed, that resist a military, colonial and racist occupation.

Real terrorism is that which is practiced by the government of Sharon and the previous Zionist governments that occupied others' territories, destroyed their houses, expropriated their lands, built settlements on them, expelled the native inhabitants, and scattered them to various countries. Support for such terrorist activity is, in itself, terrorism.

The Palestinian people are the most oppressed people in history. Their country is the last colonial territory. All international law permits this people to engage in all types of struggle in order to rid itself of the occupation and to attain its national independence, armed with United Nations’ resolutions, whose implementation America and the Zionist Entity continue to obstruct.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is a basic component of the Palestine Liberation Organization which enjoys the recognition of the United Nations as well as the recognition of a majority of the world's countries, and its struggle for national independence enjoys the legality bestowed by such recognition.

The PFLP condemns what US State Department representative David Satterfield said when he described the Palestinian Intifada as "studied terrorism." Such a statement betrays America's absolute alignment with the Zionist Entity and reflects the reality of America's hostile thinking with regard to the cause of the people of Palestine, even though it might cover up that hostility with promises that some imagine are genuine.

The Intifada of the Palestinian people is an uprising of a whole people against occupation and colonization and for self-determination and the establishment of its independent Palestinian state on its national soil, and for the return of its displaced people to their homes, in accordance with international law.



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