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Democratic Candidate Emmanuel Defends Funding of Homo-Erotic Art

Former Clinton White House Guru Rahm Emmanuel is Battling A Bigoted Democratic Opponent Whose Really More of A Right Winger, He Says.
Former Clinton White House aide Rahm Emmanuel -- a Democratic candidate for Congress in Chicago’s Fifth Congressional District --today attacked his primary opponent as a “right-wing bigot.” He also claimed that he would support federal funding of homo-erotic art by the National Endowment of Arts -- even as his opponent claimed she would “shut the funding down, Crisco-cans and all.” Said Emmanuel: “I favor homosexual art -- and homosexual art funding. It is a part of our wonderful mosiac of democracy and diversity. If the government doesn’t fund this, who will? The bigots of this country are trying to stop creativity from flowing. We must support free speech.”




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