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Chicago Day of Action Against the WTO, Boeing and the War!

Come join us in a day of action against the WTO, Boeing and the war. Resist capitalism - resist militarism!
As the WTO meets in Qatar on November 9th and thousands of people worldwide organize their resistance, we will fight Corporate & Military power in our city!:

PUBLIC FUNERAL for the victims of military and corporate power (wear black)
& CELEBRATION OF RESISTANCE from Corporate and Bombadier Rule (bring hcolors)

Protest the WTO and take on a global corporation - BOEING - that benefits from:

-destructive free-trade policies

-increased bloodletting and war

-corporate welfare and tax breaks in a Chicago were public housing and health clinics are being closed and schools in low-income communities are promised but not built.

Come Protest at Boeing's world headquarters on Friday Nov. 9th

Meet at Daley Plaza
At 3:30 on Friday Nov. 9th

Bring your voices, colors, art, spirits, and dreams for another world!

This action is being called for in order to provide a framework for different groups and individuals to organize autonomously and bring their own contributions to make the action as diverse and expressive as possible.

Visual art through signs, banners, puppets, dress, etc. is being stressed
to make sure our presence is noted and felt.*

There will be room for various forms of expression of dissent and creativity and distinctive spaces for people to manifest them.

As the WTO has its meetings in Qatar far from the reach of the voices of the people We will localize our global resistance As we march, sing, and speak hard truth to the powers that be in Chicago, Thousands and thousands of people from around the world will be out in the streets, reclaiming their cities and towns; remembering the battle of Seattle.

Information and organizing will be taking place at the Chicago Direct Action Network meeting Tuesday, November 6, at 7 pm. Information and further plans contact Chicago DAN at: directaction (at)



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