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Yo No Quiero Taco Bell!

If Taco Bell would pay 1 cent more per 32 pounds of the Tomatos they serve in their restaurants, Florida farmworkers could get a much needed raise.
On Sunday, Nov. 4, about 20 workers, from the Mexico Solidarity Network, Direct Action Network, and Industrial Workers of the World, picketed the Taco Bell at Western and Addison is support of the Boycott of Taco Bell initiated by the Coalition of Imokalee Workers, a Florida-based farmworker union. The CIW workers pick the tomatos served at Taco Bell. The farmworkers want to put pressure on Taco Bell to pay 1 cent more per 32 pounds of tomatoes so that the farmers won't have the excuse of low prices for their tomatoes for their refusal to give those who do the work a living wage.

As members of DAN sat-down in the driveway others waved signs, chanted and handed out leaflets to passing motorists and pedestrians explaining what the action was about and asking for support of the boycott. Activists who went into the store to talk to Taco Bell workers and management found support among the workers who complained about their own lousy working conditions and pay ($5.35 per hour). There also seemed to be much support from motorists who honked their horns in support and shouted out a curse or two against Taco Bell.

Management did call the cops who asked the folks sitting in the driveway to move. The sitters complied since we were getting ready to leave anyway. It was figured that at least four carloads of customers were turned back.

We are planning on keeping up the pressure and will return to this Taco Bell on November 14th, 11:30pm. So come on out! This is a weekday and we expect to encounter hundreds of students from Lane Tech High, which is across the street from this particular Taco Bell. Getting their support for the Boycott would send a powerful message to Taco Bell's CEO.



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