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Arming Our Enemy

Over the years the US government has not learned from its policy of arming any enemy of its enemy.
Just 6 months ago the US gives 43 million dollars to the Taliban to fight America's "War on Drugs" against the Northern Alliance. Now they decide to play both sides of the fence by arming the Northern Alliance against the Taliban.This is nothing new if you consider the history of the US militaries role in the region. Some of the first terrorist camps in the area were built, funded and taught by the CIA.

In 1953 the Shah of Iran was overthrown by prime minister Muhammad Mosaddeq. His tenure was a short one as the Shah was reinstalled as leader bt a US(CIA)/Great Britain lead coup. This because Mosaddeq wanted his country to control the large profits from oil that came from Iran controlled the the UK's British Patroleum (BP). With the Shah backed by the US and UK he was free to embark on one of the most oppressive monarchies to date. It wasnt until 1979 that the people of finally able to drive out the Shah for good and Ayatollah Khomeini became the leader of this country. The thought that the CIA would organize another coup as it had in 53, led to much of the anti-American sentiment that still remains there. It manifested itself in 1979 with the the storming of the US embassy in which 66 hostages were taken.

As Sadaam Hussein led Iraq to invade Iran in 1980 US quickly sold reportedly 3 Billion dollars worth arms to Iraq. This part of the US policy "Any enemy of my enemy is my friend". The war that ensued between Iran and Iraq would last for 8 years and saw perhaps a million peoiple killed and a million more made refugees. Although Hussein was to blame for the invasion, this war would not have gone on nearly as long had it not been for the fact that the US armed both sides of the war.

Having a bad relationship with Iran from the exile of the Shah and the hostage situation and having armed Iraq at the onset of the Iran/Iraq war didnt stop the US from selling arms to Iran. Under the Reagan/Bush Sr. administration came the Iran contra affair. This the selling of 30 million worth of arms to our enemy Iran for some of the hostages and using that money to fund the contra guerillas in Nicaragua against the Sandanista government. This a direct violation of the Boland Amendmentpassed by Congress in 1984. This violation should have landed the lot of them in jail and did some, but any who were convicted were pardoned by george Bush SR. when he took the presidency in 1988.

While the US was supplying both Iran and Iraq with arms, they were also supplying Afghanastan rebels with arms to fight against the Soviet Union who had began its occupationied in 1979. One of those guerillas was a man named Usama Bin Laden. Many of these same weapons are being used in the civil war between Taliban and Northern Alliance forces and certain to be used against any US ground forces sent into Afghanastan.

Now the US is arming the heroine dealing Northern Alliance against the Taliban, Bin Laden and the El-Quaeda network. History is again repeating itself, and if it continues and the Northern Alliance will be using these weapons against the US and the Us will be arming another group against them.



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