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Next Chicago IMC Meeting Nov 19

The Chicago IMC will hold it's next meeting Sunday November 19, 2000 at Casa Guatemala, 4554 North Broadway Avenue.
A draft agenda for the meeting is below and at the bottom of the message you will find a URL for directions to Casa Guatemala.

Draft Agenda, Nov 19 Meeting

Note: While most of this agenda has been previously made available for comment, some items were pulled from inquires which seemed relevant to myself and have not yet been listed for public comment. Some may view certain items as needless of immediate resolution, others may see those they consider imperatives missing from this list, while still more could believe that resolving even this small sample is impossible at one meeting.

Please do not accept this as a complete or final breakdown of the Nov 19 meeting. Sunday, as we've done in the past, we will prioritize the draft agenda and address those concerns we, together, believe merit our consideration.

All comments on this draft agenda, and suggestions for agenda items, should be sent to our main list at chicagoindymedia (at) You can subscribe to this list at

Input is requested, desired and necessary if we are to function as a collective entity. Please make your thoughts known.

1)What happened!?
2)Creating a Meeting Structure and Reporting Procedures
3)Establish Standing Meeting Day/Time at Casa Guatemala
4)Development of a Chicago IMC Mission Statement
5)Organizational issues
a. Working Groups
b. Communications
6)Tech issues
a .Efforts taken by working groups to ease Tech's work
b. How can we encourage independent production and protect our security?
7)Center Column
a. Regular Updates?
b. Selecting Content
c. Accuracy of Content
8) List Serves and e-mail
a.Close "chicagoindymedia@egroups"?
b.Do we want editorial, photo, video, ect. lists?
c.Can we get a contact e-mail?
9) Fundraising
10) Inter IMC Happenings

Directions to Casa Guatemala



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