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the voices in their heads

Son of Sam/God/Omar/whatever
Why don't we institutionalize everyone who claims to be doing something in the name of god? It takes a mentally ill person to believe that they are acting on the behalf of the almighty. Imagine, if you can, the thought process of an abortion clinic bomber, or a Muslim suicide bomber, or a suicidal missionary (like the girls who went to Afghanistan),or a Catholic car bomber, or a puritan witch hunter. The colonial protestants were civilizing the Indians. By divine providence,Columbus enslaved and murdered Arawaks. With a voice whispering in their ear, they kill while having nothing to fear because the after life will be paradise. Some of these lunatics hear an angel on their shoulder or a voice from heaven while others find direction in the words of an English speaking dog. Either way, they are insane. Has the world had enough of this yet?



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