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Racial profiling, ruling class infighting, CNN

Specific ruling-class bankruptcies...
Nov. 1, 4:28 CST - Rep. Scott McInnis (R, Colorado) looked ridiculous on CNN just now. The topic was ethnic profiling and the Wolf Blitzer program showed the talking heads of McInnis and ____ Zogby of the Arab American Institute.

Zogby was stating clearly and calmly that law enforcement practices should not be at the expense of innocent people. He explained that racial profiling is poor law enforcement because it is ineffective, even by pragmatic standards, becauses it wastes resources. He pointed out that people are being picked up all over the country without charges brought against them or being allowed legal counsel.

McInnis could only use buzzwords, saying that people were "playing the race card," and being "politically correct." He said that law enforcement would be "afraid of being accused of racial profiling."

The US ruling class definitely seems to be on the defensive now, with a desperate lack of justification for their existence. Instead of encouraging the public to discuss helpful domestic policy, the US is desperately trying to divert the public's attention with a Vietnam-like war against the people of Afghanistan (and the Red Cross). Now they're trying to re-invoke the Sep11 tragedy to make themselves appear credible.

The ruling class' lessened cohesion is exemplified by the emerging tiff between parts of Congress and the White House over the full $20B amount promised by the Bush Administration.



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