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Nov. 9: Evening of International Solidarity with RAWA

Nov. 9: Evening of International Solidarity at the Hothouse with Tahmeena Faryal, visiting representative of RAWA.
An Evening of International Solidarity with RAWA-the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

speaker: Tahmeena Faryal

Friday, Nov. 9, 6 p.m.
Hot House 31 E. Balbo (between Wabash and State St. in Chicago's south Loop area).

Note: No cameras (still or video) allowed.

As against the inhuman terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 and the U.S. government's war on Afghanistan, can we turn a different vision of the future into a reality-a future of freedom, human dignity, cooperation, and genuine safety? Who are our allies in helping to realize this vision?

Come listen to and speak with TAHMEENA FARYAL, representative of RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

RAWA is an independent, all-volunteer, non-violent organization that calls for multilateral disarmament and the establishment of a secular democracy in Afghanistan, where women may once again participate fully in public life. Since 1977, the women of RAWA have stood up to all native and
foreigner oppressors with courage and principle. They opposed the Russian occupation of Afghanistan and today they oppose all Islamic fundamentalist forces, including both the Taliban and those in the Northern Alliance.

On Sept. 14, RAWA condemned the Sept. 11 attacks as a barbaric act of violence and terror; opposed a U.S. military attack that would kill thousands of innocent Afghans for the crimes committed by the Taliban and Osama bin Laden; and expressed its "sincere hope that the great American people can differentiate between the people of Afghanistan and a handful of fundamentalist terrorists."

While the Taliban have outlawed education for women beyond the second grade, and deny them the few social services that exist in Afghanistan, RAWA secretly-and under the threat of death-provides schooling for girls and boys, as well as medical care and adult education for women. In neighboring Pakistan, it provides Afghan refugees with aid, runs orphanages, and sponsors income-generating projects.

This event is made possible with generous support from the Chicago Foundation for Women.

Cosponsors (list still in formation):
African American Women Evolving, American Friends Service Committee, Anjoman Azadi, Anti-Racist Action, Chicago Abortion Fund, Chicago Foundation for Women, Chicago Socialist Party, Cultural Analysis of Life Through
Literature, Direct Action Network, Mexico Solidarity Network, News & Letters, Open University of the Left, Rape Victim Advocates, Women and Gender Studies Program of Roosevelt University, South Asian Progressive Action Collective, Young Koreans United of Chicago, Young Women's Empowerment Project and Women in the Director's Chair.

For more information call News and Letters at: 312-236-0799; email: nandl (at)

Also hear Tahmeena Faryal on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2 p.m., at a panel on "The Struggle for Women's Emancipation in the Middle East and South Asia," Harold Washington Library Center, 400 South State St., 7th floor, sponsored by the Society in Focus Series



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