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Radio Anarchy Online - Monday Night!

New Online Radio show from Eugene OR- you'll be glad you listened!
On Monday night,from 5 to 7 PM,(West COast Time) the second episode of Radio Anarchy Online will hit the net! Last Thursday's opening show got a great reception. We discussed more subjects than a stick could be shook at -- and the show was full of source citations. (For your reusable fun!) The show broadcasts live each Monday and Thursday, and is often rebroadcast at:

On the next show my fascinating guests and I will be discussing:

The CIA's public admission that torture and family kidnappings will be part of the War On Terrorism.

Right wing anti-war movement in Congress.

The Anti-Terrorism bill

The role of drug money laundering in funding both international terrorism and US global hegemony.

Anthrax v.s. Anti-Arab violence: Which gets in the news

News from Colombia and Indonesia.

What we can all do to make the world a fundamentally different place.

So, tune in---call in---send us a real-time email--we'll respond on air.

and pass the word around....

Hope to hear from you,



some of the most informative websites on earth include: Regarding the War on Drugs great for videos and research a vision and guide book for a better world




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