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Online-Pakistan's first alternative news and features service
Online-Pakistan's first alternative news and features service
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Online International News Network (OINN) is Pakistan's first news agency dedicated to issues that are neglected by the mainstream media. We focus on national and global processes affecting the economic, social and political development of the people of Pakistan in particular and the region in general.

After attaining the status of a credible and most subscribed news service provider in Pakistan, we are shortly launching our news/features/pictures service for daily, weekly and monthly publications world-wide having interest in covering this region.

Initially, we are starting SOLICITED INFORMATION SERVICE-a unique service option designed to help our subscribers generate the information they need. This service option will enable our subscribers to either suggest an idea to us or choose from a list of our daily, weekly and monthly queries for features, analysis and commentaries. We will charge you only for stories that you solicit on rates same as you pay to your freelance or retained contributors.

In addition to covering Pakistan in the context of its economic and diplomatic relation with the international community, our service gives in-depth stories, features and commentaries on the Afghan issue, regional peace and security situation and activities of strong religo-political parties and Islamic movements in Pakistan. We also bring forth through our service a real picture of issues confronting the people of this country--religious fanaticism, terrorism, miltarization, poverty, drugs, impact of regional conflicts, particularly in Afghanistan and Kashmir, globalization, rights abuses, environmental degradation and the list goes on.

Our features are categorised into the following categories:

Environment, Human Rights, Development, Economy, Trade, Health, Education, Corporate Crime, Culture, Water, Agriculture, Industry, Science, Information Technology, Fashion, Sports, Islamic Extremism, Peace and Security, Regional and Foreign Affairs and Afghanistan.

We offer information packages to suit diverse needs; both local and international publications, print and electronic media, dailies and weeklies, magazines and periodic journals, specialised and subject-specific publications. We are also equipped for prompt dissemination of breaking news
to the mushrooming new media (Internet-based information services) and email boxes around the world.

Kindly send us the email address to which you would like us to send the daily, weekly and monthly queries for features, analysis and commentaries. We will start sending you the service within 10 days after getting a response expressing your desire to receive our trial service.

We look forward to serving you and a long-term working relationship.

Best regards
Sohail Iqbal
(Executive Editor)
Online International News Network
H # 7; 9th Avenue; F-8/1; Islamabad-44000; Pakistan
Tel: 92-51-2260361, 2260362;Fax: 2254008
onlinenn (at)



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