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Largest protest in Chicago since the Gulf War

On Sep 23, 10,000 or more people marched through downtown Chicago to demand amnesty for undocumented aliens.
Biggest Protest since Gulf War

If we had a news media, the front pages and lead stories would have discussed the demonstration in Chicago on Sep 23 that was the biggest since the Gulf War and, by some accounts, the biggest since the Vietnam War protests. Since we have only corporation propaganda outlets, the story was buried. It appeared on page 3 of the Metro Section of Sunday's Tribune.

The protest for amnesty for undocumented aliens was extremely well organized and coordinated. Organizers had predicted 6,000 people would attend. Double that many came despite the threat of rain and inclimate weather. The critical lesson for us, I believe, is that people learned from Seattle that the corporations' and their government handmaidens plans to firm up neoliberal control of the planet can be confronted and possibly halted and even reversed.

There hardly is a high level government or corporation meeting where Seattle is not mentioned. The WTO recently made its first ruling out of nearly three dozen against the corporation interests. But they are not in retreat. They will offer to get rid of the iron fist and replace it with a fist in a glove. We must not be tempted even to consider their compromises. We have been fighting these same battles for a century and a half. We can not accept compromises. We need to fight the disease, not accept more treatment of the symptoms.

Tuesday, Sep 26 will test our resolve. Our Seattle example has been the rallying cry for millions of deprived and oppressed people around the world. We must continue to provide support and encouragement for them.

Tuesday's (Sep 26) events are as follows:

12:00 noon
Puppet Event. Water Tower Place, 800 N Michigan. Sponsored by Arts and Revolution.
Protest against Harris Bank. Sponsored by United Steel Workers of America. 111 W Monroe St.

2:00 p.m.
Niketown protest. Sponsored by the S26 Collective. 669 N Michigan Av.

3:00 p.m.
Protest Citibank's role in selling World Bank bonds. Sponsored by Jubilee Chicago. Jubilee Chicago is a leading advocate of Third World debt forgiveness.
Citibank's former CEO Walter Wristen wrote The Twilight of Sovereignty the seminal book on the corporations' plans and strategies for taking control of the world and manipulating it in the interest of capitalism at the expense of people and the environment.

4:00 p.m.
The above groups will converge at LaSalle and Jackson Sts for a march up LaSalle St and a tour of some of the most despicable CCCs (Corporate Crime Centers). Speakers will comment on the more egregious and heartless activities of these organizations and the consequences at home and abroad. A rally will follow the march. Musicians, Radical Cheerleaders and Carnival acts will accompany the procession.

Join us with your own noisemakers, talent acts, songs, chants, costumes, puppets, signs and anything else to add to the colorful carnival atmosphere.

Thanks for your participation

Chicago May Day Outreach Committee.

PS. Check out the Prague link. The Jubilee 2000 march and the Czech governments attempts to stop an entire train loaded with Italian protesters are particularly interesting.



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