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ACLU, NAF Defend Fraudulent Ad Charge in Court

The National Abortion Federation Heads into Court in Chicago On Wednesday to Defend Itself Against Charges of Fraud in its RU-486 Ad Campaign
CHICAGO -- Three Chicago residents are on Wednesday morning presenting arguments in the Cook County Circuit Court against the National Abortion Federation (NAF) in a case which alleges advertising deception by the NAF, a trade group of abortionists, based in Washington D.C.
The case alleges that a $12 million national ad campaign to promote RU-486 mischaracterized the drug as completely safe, for it left out “material facts” about the pill, such as the fact that it causes severe side effects, such as vaginal bleeding, says a spokesman for the group.
“We allege that the ad campaign, which appeared in Vanity Fair, People Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and other national magazines, was deceptive and violated the Illinois Deceptive Trade Practices Act,” says the spokesman. “We’re asking for a declaratory judgement and an injunction halting these deceptive practices. If every other drug seller has to advertise a pill’s side effects, so should the sellers of this pill.”
The NAF is being defended by the American Civil Liberties Union and by a Washington D.C. -based law firm, headed by former White House counsel Lloyd Cutler. They are seeking this morning to have the case dismissed on procedural grounds.



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