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PFLP Press Release: On the arrests by the Palestinian Authority

A press release issued by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine concerning the arrests of dozens of Palestinian activists by the Palestinian Authority.
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Press Release

22 October 2001

Ramallah: On 18 October, the Palestinian Security Forces arrested dozens of leaders, members, and friends of the PFLP. This campaign, which continues till today, reflects the response of the PA to Israeli/American conditions and demands that aim to weaken the popular resistance and the spirit of the Intifada. The danger of this step is increased when we consider that Sharon’s government is still relentlessly attacking our people, our cities, and our villages, as well as continuing its policy of assassination, rejecting the so-called cease-fire, and continuing its massacres throughout the occupied territories.

The actions of the Palestinian Authority, including the attempt to arrest the General Secretary of the PFLP, are causing grave damage to the Palestinian national and popular unity that has been strengthened by the sacrifice of all our people and all our national and Islamic forces.

Even as the PFLP issues warnings concerning the consequences of this illegal campaign, it places full responsibility on all those leaders within the PA for any harm that may come to the present detainees and demands their immediate release.

The PFLP also calls on those official PA spokespersons who present inaccurate interpretations of PFLP positions and policies, to immediately refrain from doing so, which in the end, does not serve our national interests.

The PFLP values and appreciates the position of the national and Islamic forces who have condemned the policy of political arrest and warn about the consequences.

The PFLP calls on our people at home and abroad, as well as all within the Arab World and all those throughout the world who stand for freedom and peace, to assume their role in stopping this campaign.

The decision of the Palestinian National Security Council, that was taken during the fascist attack of Sharon on our people, is a dangerous decision which ostracizes and declares illegal, the popular resistance movements that arose during the Intifada. This decision, if not reversed, will cause severe damage to our national unity and the continuation of the Intifada and the resistance movement.

We call on the Palestinian Authority and all Palestinian institutions and organizations, especially the Executive Committee of the PLO, the National Council, and the Central Council, to take the initiative in protecting the right of our people to resist occupation and Zionist terror. Furthermore, we demand that these institutions and organizations provide protection for the detained political activists.

The PFLP calls on the Palestinian Authority to release all political prisoners, especially the leaders and members of the PFLP, which is a founding member of the PLO.

We see victory ahead.



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