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Labor Education Program to Offer Web-Based Course

The University of Illinois Labor Education Program is offering a course on how to research your employer. For the first time ever, this course will be availalbe state-wide over the Web.
U of I Labor Education program offers Web-based collective bargaining class.
For the first time, working people all around the state will be able to complete a University of Illinois Labor Education Program course without leaving home. The Labor Education Program is offering a Web-based class starting next January. The class, entitled “Research for Collective Bargaining” will be placed on the Web beginning the week of January 7, 2002.
After this course, students will be able to use different resources to acquire information about their employers necessary for bargaining and contract administration. The course will cover Web-based resources, library resources, print resources, and informal sources. Each week for six weeks, a new lesson will be placed on the Web for students to access. Each lesson will consist of a set of lecture notes, as well as exercises for students to practice skills. A discussion board will be provided so students can address any questions they may have. Interaction among participants is a key part of being able to share knowledge among all of us. Edward Hertenstein, Asst. Professor of Labor Education, is the instructor for the class.
To register, send your name, address, union affiliation, phone number and email address to the Labor Education Program at 504 E. Armory, Champaign, IL 61820, phone (217)-333-0980, email hertenst (at) Upon receipt of your registration and the fee of $125.00, you will be sent a login and password to allow you access to the class Web-site. After Monday each week, you will be able to login and participate in the discussion, at any time you wish. The previous weeks’ information will remain available until after the class has concluded, so you can pick up anytime after skipping a week.



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