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DATE CHANGE! -- Midwest Student Regional Anti-War Conference

The conference has been moved back one weekend (November 9-11). Come discuss, plan, educate, organize, party, protest, etc... with High school and College anti-war groups from all over the middle of the continent.
Weekend of November 9-11 - SAVE THE DATE!

Bombs are falling of Afghanistan as I am writing this. Millions of Afghanistanis are in immediate danger of starvation as a result. Bush has already said that the war will be expanded to other states. In the US, hundreds of arabs are being detained without charges, civil rights are under attack and the Social Security fund is being raided to pay for a new cold war. And all of this is only making another terrorist attack a certainty.


The Chicago Student Anti-War Network is calling for an Anti-War Conference the weekend of November 9-11. Students from around the Midwest need to come together to trade ideas and plan collective actions. We need to educate ourselves and work together if we are going to end this war and stop anti-arab scapegoating. Come for education, discussion and organization. There will be sessions on:

- History and results of previous US interventions
- Organizing on Campus
- History of Afghanistan
- Isreal and Palestine
- The role of NATO

Speakers, location, housing and entertainment are being organized - details will follow shortly. For now, spread the word and save the date.

For more information, contact lmpallad (at) or Glenn at 773-276-6296.



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