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A Night of Resistance and Celebration

Whose Future? Our Future!
Please join the Chicago chapter of Refuse & Resist!
for a night of cultural resistance and celebration.
Invite your friends!
Friday, October 19th, 7:00 p.m.
Church of the Three Crosses, 333 W. Wisconsin, Chicago
A Night of Resistance and Celebration: October 19, 7p.m.

Whose Future? Our Future!
Please join the Chicago chapter of Refuse & Resist!
for a night of cultural resistance and celebration.
Invite your friends!

When: Friday, October 19th, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Church of the Three Crosses
333 W. Wisconsin, Chicago
(one block south of Armitage and one block west of
Lincoln Park West)

In this time of cruel politics and increasing
repression, it is extremely significant when
individuals stand up against attacks on the people.
The value of such acts is immeasurable, inspiring
others to resist and pointing the way toward a
different future. When people take such stands,
risking their livelihood and even their very lives, it
is extremely important that others stand with and
support these courageous resisters. We consider it a
responsibility and privilege to rally people to honor
these Courageous Resisters, to show them they are not
alone and that their actions are admirable and

Join us as we present a Courageous Resister Award to
Mr. Sam Shipp, juror in the Jonathan Tolliver trial,
who stood alone, refusing to convict him based on the
evidence that was brought out, despite tremendous
pressure from the F.O.P., city officials and media

We will also present a Courageous Resister Award to
Aaron Patterson (his mother JoAnn will be accepting),
who sits on Illinois Death Row and was convicted based
on a confession extracted by torture at the hands of
Jon Burge and others at Area 2 police station. Last
week, Aaron turned down a deal offered by Dick
Devine--a promise of release from Death Row in a
couple of years if Arron would plead guilty and drop
the torture charges against the police. Aaron is
literally putting his life on the line so the truth of
police torture can be exposed.

Also, on this "October 22nd weekend" spend time with
some of the Stolen Lives Families present, who have
struggled against police brutality to get justice for
their loved ones who have been killed, brutalized and
criminalized by law enforcement. Learn about their
sons and daughters, parents, partners and
friends--help to keep their memories alive.

Robert King Wilkerson, the only released member of the
"Angola 3" will be speaking. He was released from the
Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola in February of
2001, after spending a total of 31 years in prison--29
years in solitary confinement for his activism, for
being a member of the Black Panther Party, and for
being wrongfully convicted for alledgedly taking part
in the death of another prisoner. This is the first
stop on his Chicago tour which will go til the end of
the month.

We are also very pleased to announce that Spoken Word
will be presented by Mars Gamba-Adisa.

The program will also include Maiko (a form of
Japanese drumming) and Capeoira (a Brazilian martial
arts game/dance).

A donation will be gratefully accepted at the door.

For more information, reply back or call us at:

Your friends at
Refuse and Resist!, Chicago

Oppose the US War Moves!
Oppose all attacks on Arabs & Muslims!
Oppose New Repressive Powers & Laws!

rnrchicago (at)



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