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Learn About America's Terrorist Training Camp

VIDEO SHOWING Tuesday: Shut Down US Terror Training Camp (SOA)
The Hyde Park Committee Against War and Racism is sponsoring a video showing and discussion Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 7PM at the United Church of Hyde Park (53rd and Blackstone).

The videos: School of the Americas: Guns and Greed (20 min.) and Crossing the Line (16 min.)

Following the videos will be a discussion about the US role in training, backing and arming terrorists in latin America and around the world. Members of the Colombia Solidarity Network, 8th Day Center for Justice and International Socialist Organization who have taken part in previous years' demos against the SOA will be there to take part. All are welcome. A bus is being organized to go to Ft. Benning, GA for the protest to shut down the SOA on Nov. 18th.



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