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take a stand against the death penalty march with us on tuesday nov 14th to demand justice for the death row 10

No matter who gets in the White House,
we need to take a stand against the death penalty!

As election madness rages on, the Death Row 10 and other victims of the
criminal injustice system continue to languish behind bars. Show your
support for the Death Row 10 and a national moratorium on executions by
coming to this march. What we do matters!

MARCH against the Racist Death Penalty:
Justice for the Death Row 10!
Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 4PM
Gather at Federal Plaza (Jackson and Dearborn)
March to State's Attorney Dick Devine's office (Randolph and Clark)

The Death Row 10 are a group of African American men who were brutally
tortured by former Chicago police Commander Jon Burge and forced into
giving confessions. Although Burge was fired for torture in 1993, these
men are still on Death Row. Their cases are a prime example of what is
wrong with the death penalty. Let's march onwards to abolition!

Statement from Death Row 10 member, Ronald Kitchen: "I was arrested on
August 25, 1988. I was picked up for auto theft, taken to the police
station, and then wound up getting charged with five counts of murder.
At the police station, four police officers, three men in plainclothes
and a sergeant wearing a white shirt tortured me. The sergeant turned
out to be Jon Burge.

For over eighteen hours commander Burge, Michael Kill, John Smith, and
another officer took turns beating me up. They kicked and punched me in
the ribs and groin. They used a blackjack, and they hit me with a
telephone book on my head. They had me handcuffed to a loop on the
wall. While they were beating me, they told me that someone said I had
murdered five people. A jailhouse snitch named Willie Williams fingered
me. They kept trying to get me to sign a confession. Finally, I got
tired of going through this ordeal and I signed. I felt that the truth
would come out eventually and prove my innocence. When I was convicted,
I felt only numbness. I couldn't believe it. I was convicted because
of a confession that was beaten out of me and the false testimony of
Willie Williams. That was it."

Please call the Campaign to End the Death Penalty at (773) 955-4841 for
more information.

Endorsed by: 8th Day Center for Justice, American Friends Service
Committee, Amnesty International, Chicago Anti-Bashing Network, Chicago
Committee to Free Mumia, Christian Council on Urban Affairs, Comite
Exigimos Justicia, Death Sentence 2000, Illinois Coalition Against the
Death Penalty, Illinois Moratorium Project, International Socialist
Organization, National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, Neighbors
Against Police Brutality, Justice Coalition of Greater Chicago,
Protestants for the Common Good.



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