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Pro-Democracy Protest on Nov. 11th

Pro-democracy Rally last saturday at 1 pm in Daley Plaza
I, and a group of other radicals from DeKalb, arrived at the site for the protest at about 12:30. There were about four people there when we arrived and my expectations for the rally shot way down. A few more people trickled in, and eventually the crowd swelled to over 60 people, probably closer to a hundred. We chanted for a while and a few people spoke to the crowd. The ISO passed out fliers. A couple of people complained about chants calling for the abolition of the electoral college and tried to steer the rally away from that and just in favor of a recount of the votes. We chanted against the electoral college, anyway. Eventually we decided to march around the streets. After the march came back to the plaza the protest ended. I think it was a little before 2 o'clock, then.

There will be another one of these next week at the same time & place. Check out for more info.



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