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Van Damme plays Gandhi in new film

Gandhi is Back to Kick Ass At Your Box Office, My Friend.
Anaconda II highlights pets' involvement in gang underworld.
Hollywood, CA -- Action is back at the box office, and moviegoers are turning out in record numbers for two movie sequels that may sweep theaters this fall.

Gandhi II: The Dirt Road to Revenge stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as a beefed-up Gandhi, and recounts the myth of Gandhi's return from a faked death to confront old enemies Rambo-style. What follows is four hours of action-packed violence and excitement. Van Damme points out, however, that this action role is different from a typical gun-infested Stallone flick. "In order to prepare for za' role in de film, I choosed to study Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence," said Van Damme at the Gandhi II premier.

In studying Gandhi, Van Damme says he understands how the slow pace of non-violence would frustrate someone to point of vehement uproar and violent lunacy.

As usual, Van Damme employs his own Belgian spin on the art of Kung Fu.

"It's great doing a film on a historic figure," concedes the film's director, Sean Post. "Not only do we get to explore Gandhi's life, we also get creative license to give him a tougher rep."

Gandhi II is expected to gross $12 million at next week's nationwide opening.

Another top-notch sequel out this season is Anaconda II, in which Ice Cube once again stars. This time the former NWA gangsta' rapper plays an LA police officer stalked by an unruly pet of a local gang.

Also starring is Joe Pesci, as Ice Cube's chatty, snake phobia-stricken sidekick. Cube displays his ferocious combative skills with the star-studded appeal he has gained in his rise as a Hollywood favorite.

Anaconda II comes with appropriate timing, as concern about increased involvement of pets in the gang underworld is on the rise.

The movie's likely success has not been met without controversy. Animal rights activists have staged early protests outside the production company studios. One angry participant told us, "Shooting a poor innocent snake sends the wrong message to our children!"

Despite protest, ticket sales are sky high, as both films are expected to rock Hollywood.



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