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Dead Actors Union sues "ER", "Chicago Hope"

Zombie Community Pissed
Chicago -- The windy city is accustomed to union unrest and labor struggles, but none so dead scary as this one.

This weekend the International Brotherhood of Deceased Film Extras protested what they call "horrendous work conditions" on the television shows ER and Chicago Hope.

The IBDFE, a labor union that supplies dead extras in productions featuring hospital scenes, car crashes, Mafia activity, and serial killings, stated publicly that the producers of both shows have reneged on proper payment due to union workers. The union preceded to file a suit in Chicago Circuit Court after contract talks fizzled late Friday night.

Television Producers Association President Willard Delby asserted in a press conference Saturday, "These charges are completely false and unfounded. Besides, we haven't even established that these people are still technically 'citizens' with the legal right to unionize. And dammit, they're dead!"

The IBDFE also claims in their suit that actors and production crew have been rough on employees. "Our union members are getting flung around way too fast on those gurneys. Not only that…they are getting cut, scraped, smushed, and just totally bashed and beat up," said union president Bernie Zucconi, when summoned by his wife.

Other criticism has come from the union about unbecoming activity by X-Files producer Chris Carter, for allegedly trying to cast union workers into necrophilia scenes.



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