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Federal Lawsuit to be Filed Against Ban on Rallies at Federal Plaza

announcing federal lawsuit and news conference today.

Kate Pearson Wed., October 17, 2001
October 22nd Coalition 2:30pm, Federal Plaza
Phone: 773-528-1701 (Adams & Dearborn)
Fax: 773-528-3270 under the Calder sculpture
chicago (at)

Federal Lawsuit to be Filed Against Ban on Rallies at Federal Plaza

Chicago, IL, 10/16/01—On 10/17/01 at 2:30 pm in Federal Plaza, ministers,
lawyers, activists and victims of police brutality will join together to
announce the filing of a federal lawsuit seeking a temporary restraining
order against the Federal Building General Services Administration (GSA) ban
on permits for Federal Plaza.

The emergency lawsuit was initiated in response to the GSA revoking the
permit for the Oct. 22nd National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality
rally scheduled for Monday. Many organizations have condemned the GSA policy
which bans all events for the remainder of the year as setting a dangerous
precedent in terms of restricting civil liberties.

Plaintiff Isaac Csandl states: "Preventing free speech does not make us any
safer. The authorities are manipulating people’s fears to give them a blank
check to enact repressive laws and policies. Where will this stop? The
permit ban is a litmus test for how far the authorities can go in today’s
climate. We cannot allow political rights to become casualties of the US
government’s ‘war on terrorism.’"

Press conference participants will announce that the 6th annual National Day
of Protest to Stop Police Brutality must and will go on. In Chicago and in
70 other cities around the country victims of police brutality will stand
together with people from all walks of life to demand justice. There is
growing concern that police brutality and repression threaten wider
communities today, especially Middle Eastern and Muslim communities.
Activists vow to sound the alarm against the current attacks on civil

Speakers at the press conference will include: Rev. Dr. Calvin Morris of
Community Renewal Society, Reverend S. Michael Yasutake, Patty Love
representing plaintiff Oct. 22nd Coalition and Stolen Lives family member,
Andy Thayer representing plaintiff Chicago Anti-Bashing Network, Jeff Lyons
representing plaintiff Refuse & Resist! Chicago, a representative of Chicago
Columbia Committee and plaintiff’s attorney Wayne Giampietro. Giampietro is
a former President of the First Amendment Lawyers Association who is also
representing a client in a permit case currently before the U.S. Supreme




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