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Audio segments from M19 demonstrations in Chicago

1.Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney spoke at the concluding anti-war rally at Federal Plaza on Saturday, March 19, 2005 before an estimated 4,000 protestors. 4.8mb mp3 file at 64kbps mono, 10:41 min. including introduction

2. Feeder march from north Chicago protesting in front of the Army Recruiting Center at 1239 N. Clybourn. 1:56min 228kb mono mp3

3.Chris Geovanis of March 19th Coalition announces situation at Oak and Michigan Ave. while Chicago PD gives orders to disperse. 6:32min mono 768kb, mp3

4. Chris Geovanis of March 19th Coalition speaks to media and crowd recommending dispersal.

5.Bill Massey of the ANSWER Coalition and Andy Thayer of the March 19th Coalition begin press conference at Oak and Michigan that is shut down by police. Thayer is arrested and Rev. Paul Jakes leads the crowd that is surrounded by police and pushed down Oak to the police-approved demonstration site.
4:38 min, 544kb mono mp3



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