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a couple of questions

a couple of questions
I’ve cried at and struggled against every one of the crimes that this country has committed over the past 40 years ….(I’ll save the debate about the details for another era) but mass murder in the name of any ideology is indefensible. And as we have seen more than a few times from every quarter of the political spectrum over the past 200 years is that mass murder unchallenged will continue until the target population is exterminated…do you really think that OBL and FUNDEMENTALIST Islam would decide tomorrow that american civilians were “good guys” and not subject to a death on sight fatwa? Even if we withdrew troops from the Arabian peninsula tomorrow and ceased our support for Israel they will not stop trying to kill ANY HUMAN BEING residing in the united states/ Damn you fools, 20% of those killed at the WTC weren’t even citizens of this evil country WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY GUILTY OF? Have you watched the videos of Al -Queada? The whole video as shown on al-jaarzea did you watch it all…these medieval FUNDEMENTALISTS are still pissed off about the fact that SPAIN was “conquered” by the ‘Christians” in the 1400’s
exactly WHO are you aligning yourself with?



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