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Quick Report from the 013 Boeing and Peace Protest

Quick Report from the O13 Boeing Protest
Some 150 protesters braved rain, clouds and cold to partake in a protest and rally across the street from the Chicago Hilton and Towers. The main focus of the protest was leading military contractor Boeing, but protesters also voiced their objections to racist attacks (particularly against Muslims and Arab-Americans), the erosion of civil liberties, and the war in Afghanistan.

Despite the rather small-sized protest, and as a testament to the movement's transcendentalism, police corralled the west side of the block of Grant Park from Balbo down Michigan Avenue with three-foot-high makeshift metal fences as far south as 11th street.

From the things-that-make-you-go-hmmmm department: when the protest got underway, there was a gentleman in the park dressed in an ugly black jogging suit walking his dog (a giant sized poodle). Lovely weather for a dog walk, eh?



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